Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Filming, Training and Driving Lessons

It's only Wednesday and I havent stopped!!
Monday started with a trip to see my hairdresser, Rhys Giles at the Celtic Manor. I had a little bit of a style change and the colour re-done.....all the while by being filmed by Boomerang for Channel 4!!  Filming with Boomerang continued in the afternoon in Cardiff at the Trike Shop where we revealed the wheelchairs of two kids who had had their chairs pimped!!  Looking forward to seeing it now at the end of August.

Tuesday I was at the Welsh Institute of Sport for physio in the morning and then did a training session in Aberdare in the evening.

Today Ive got my first driving lesson which Ive been looking forward to for ages, one step closer to independence!! Later this afternoon then I'm back off down the track for training.


Andrew said...

Hi Dan

Congrats on all you have done this year. How are the driving lessons going? Where are all your followers, you should have dozens!


Dan Lucker said...

Thanks Andrew. Driving lessons are going well thank you really enjoying them!

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